Pandith, The technical socks company, was born in 2006 when two entrepreneurs, Antonio Palau and José Manuel Mingo, set out to occupy a niche market for high quality sport garments at moderate prices.

The enterprise takes advantage of the experience of Calcetines Mingo, a group managed by the Mingo family for three generations, in manufacturing socks. At the same time, Mr. Palau, owner of Global SerDis, a wholesaler of sports material, contributed with his knowledge of the sector.

Pandith is involved in an expansion project which aims at entering new markets all over Europe. At the moment it is present in Estonia, Poland, Greece and Portugal, it also does business with Swedish and British companies and public institutions. However, its whole production process is set in Spain which allows much faster and agile shipments and permits a much shorter reaction time to market changes. One of the services Pandith specializes in is designing custom-made socks tailored to the needs of its clients. Its R&D department develops new technologies and ensures that the company’s products meet quality standards and are suited for its specific uses.

Pandith is responsible for the entire manufacturing process which warrants that the appropriate quality standards are met through exhaustive checks. Its factory has been awarded with the ISO 9001, ISO 9002 and ISO 14001 quality certificates. It also holds the PECAL, instituted by NATO for gauging army apparel.


The perfect functional structure

  • Pandith manufactures socks using state of the art materials such as Kïpal Technology, special threads with silver ions or gold nanoparticles (24 karat), and natural ones like Cocona, merino wool or alpaca wool.
  • Its socks are specifically designed for a series of activities. Among these there are those that place the body under more stress such as skiing and mountaineering, hunting, trail running and other, lighter, sports like nordic walking, hiking and backpacking. In addition, Pandith sells products for traveling, security and has a line for kids.
  • Its designs have three main objectives: secure a perfect fit so as to make them more comfortable and efficient, obtain a thermal balance and manage humidity.

Selecting the right sock is crucial to achieving best performance and maximum comfort when practicing sports. Just as there are different kinds of shoes, there are also several types of socks specifically designed for each activity.


Pandith stands out for its selection of yarns, be it synthetic or traditional. Nevertheless, using high quality materials is not its secret. Just as steel is obtained by adding carbon to iron, the garment’s structure and the manner of weaving a thread are as important as its components. Pandith stands out for its knowledge on how to build the perfect garment in its each intended use.

As a result, Pandith offers a wide variety of socks made from special top of the line fibers, be it man-made or natural ones such as merino wool, alpaca wool, Cocona, Coolmax, polypropylene, Isolfil, Isolwool, Celliant and X-static.

This, in combination with its modern designs, makes Pandith a leading company in applying the most advanced technologies to sock production.

A great example of the company’s excellence is the development of Kïpal, which combines the use of the best-quality materials which are subject to a sophisticated series of treatments. This process produces one of the most advanced fabrics on the market. Its thermoregulatory characteristics and its ability to adapt sets it aside. It captures humidity and distributes it on a layer which coats each fiber. Spreading liquids on a larger surface accelerates evaporation when necessary. This refreshes its user who obtains the benefits of thermal comfort. It also prevents the development of bacteria and reduces bodily odor.

A perfect fit is one of Pandith’s trademarks. The patented DRS-system, which uses bundles of two nylon threads in its knitting process, makes its socks much more resistant than traditional reinforcements. This way, the areas that suffer most stress are better protected while benefit from improved elasticity.

Pandith’s products use a wide range of materials which adapt perfectly to every foot. It uses both man-made and natural fibers in order to meet its client’s needs and to offer the best sport sock.